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Here at the lowest point on earth countless minerals have accumulated since the beginning of time. The Dead Seas unique climate, atmosphere and UV light centered at the lowest point on earth allows for indefinite water

The Dead Sea is one of the world's natural wonders. Located at the lowest point on earth under 420 meters below sea level, in the middle of the African fault
Millions of people from all over the world travel to the Dead Sea in search of a cure for their skin disease. For any skin disease from psoriasis to dermatitis to any other skin disorder the answer may be found at the Dead Sea.


Premier Dead Sea Skincare: Discover the Best Skincare Products the World has to Offer

Premier Dead Sea is a world leader in quality known for its Dead Sea skincare products. This unique line is the result of a beautiful fusion between the best of nature’s offerings and the cutting edge scientific breakthroughs as a result of hard work from Premier’s state of the art laboratories.  Originating from the timeless and bountiful mineral and vitamin concentrations of the Dead Sea, Premier skincare products are one of a kind products that can be made nowhere else in this world. Get ready to feel an experience offered by no other skincare product in this world. 

Divided into multiple categories, Premier offers a large range of products to suit your needs. Dead Sea Salt Scrubs and Body Butter are Premier’s top sellers for exfoliating and moisturizing the entire skin surface of the body. Facial care is covered by a variety of creams, serums, and masks meant to cleanse, soften, and recondition the skin. Premier even offers a luxury nail care kit for those at-home manicures and pedicures. For those special skincare needs, Premier offers advanced lines featuring Biox, Supreme, and the brand new 24H Stem Cell Quartz line. No matter what product Premier offers, be sure to know they are world renowned for their quality and have won several awards.

Premier Dead Sea has received many awards for both their quality and innovation within the skincare industry.  CBI National Competition of “Beautiful Israel” has given Premier a 5 Beauty Star Award from 2009 to 2011. Past award winning products from the HBA – Health Beauty America competitions include the Biox – Intensive Age Treatment Series, Ageless Future Series, and wonderful products such as the Anti Wrinkle Cream, Moisture Complex, and Collagen, Beta Carotene, and Seaweed Mask. Aside from being world renowned for quality, Premier has also established a firm footing in the areas of skincare innovation. The Mineral Bar is a breakthrough approach to keeping the active ingredients fresh and effective by separating ingredients that can later be combined for maximum results. Stem Cells are also one of the advanced techniques employed by Premier and are found in the Quartz line.

Fear not for if you’re going with the best of the best Supreme line, or are simply wanting to test out Dead Sea products for the first time, Premier has something for everyone. Laid out on a simple, easy to navigate international website, Premier skincare is offered worldwide and can easily bring the wonders of the Dead Sea straight to your doorstep. You have not experienced skincare until you have experienced the world’s oldest natural spa combined with Premier’s arduous efforts to bring you the best skincare products in the entire world!


The Dead Sea a curative center of medicine

The Dead Sea a curative center of medicine

Millions of people from all over the world travel to the Dead Sea in search of a cure for their skin disease. For any skin disease from psoriasis to dermatitis to any other skin disorder the answer may be found at the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea's unique climate is unlike any other place on earth, since the Dead Sea is located at the lowest point on earth the suns UV rays are naturally screened and only part of the suns rays penetrate to reach the ground of the Dead Sea. Researchers believe that these screened sun rays assist the natural rebuilding of the skin cells during their renewal term.

In addition to the unique sun rays, the Dead Sea also offers mineral rich mud, many researches have led to the result that the mud offers curative actions to help externally detoxify the skin, eliminate bacteria causing skin diseases and in helping the skin to renew itself returning it to its normal function. The mud is massaged onto the body, left to dry and then washed away.

The Dead Sea offers mineral rich water and salt, water which is so mineral rich that after bating the skin feels covered with an oily layer. The waters of the Dead Sea are so heavy due to the mineral content that floating in the Dead Sea is very easy.

In addition, the Dead Sea offers Natural sulfur rich water which erupt from the earth and are known to be beneficial in assisting with the healing of skin disease.

Few cosmetic companies have incorporated the complete combination of Dead Sea mud, salts, water and sulfur in their products; one of the leading companies known to have achieved this is Dead Sea Premier cosmetics laboratories which has incorporated the above combined Dead Sea benefits into a few of their products. One of these products introduced by Premier Dead Sea cosmetics laboratories is called ״Psoricalm", this active cosmetic product has taken the Dead Sea powers and benefits to the edge by Premier Dead Sea and is capable of providing the best results in combating skin disorders, eliminating redness and improving coarse skin. It contains an innovative active ingredient derived from pyrethrum flowers which have been cleverly combined with Dead Sea water, Dead Sea mineral black mud, salts and effective nourishing oils to give an overall complete Premier Dead Sea skin treatment.

During 2012 "Psoricalm" has entered the Argentinean health basket of recommended medicines in order to assist with the healing of various skin disorders including psoriasis. After intense research by a leading Argentinean professor specializing in skin disorders backed up by scientific knowhow this product was approved for the general public as an "of the counter product"